2 Replies to “Inspiration for book covers in everyday things.”

  1. Ah ha! It’s you that made this book cover! Hello Mr Wyatt, I have been reading your blog because I am just starting out as an illustrator and I have been researching artists that I love (you being one of them). Well I want to tell you a story about this book cover of yours.

    About two years ago I read this book and when I began it I saw the cover as simply coloured squares. Then when I was halfway through the book I picked it up one day and had such a fright when on the cover there appeared the faces of the characters within! Of course they had been there all along (unless you are a magician of extraordinary devilment) but for some reason I’d not noticed them until I’d read about them in the book. How strange is that? It was a most peculiar experience and I’m rather pleased to be able to tell you about it now 🙂

    Anyway, I think your work is wonderful and something to aspire too!

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