Pencil pleasure

This week I have mostly been illustrating in pencil. Even though I have been
professionally illustrating for several decades, I’ve never used pencils for
the finished item – an unfortunate oversight as it’s a great pleasure.
Having been digital for many a year, it’s good to create something in
physical form, but with the option of ‘undo’ in the shape of an electric




This week I have been creating a presence on Deviant Art. Here I have been
posting previously unseen sketches from Larklight and various other bits and
This Botanist is from 2005, when I was trying out some inking styles…


Murals are difficult

Whilst renovating my fireplace, with the intention of installing a
woodburning stove, it occurred to me a mural of the Goddess Hestia might be
nice. She looks after the hearth, so hopefully there will be less chance of
setting fire to myself and other related misfortunes (of which I have had
Unfortunately, I painted her head and hands too big. I hope this won’t
affect her protective powers.


Old Goat & Tree

This customer has been haunting my thoughts for a while, so I’ve sketched
him out in the hope he’ll leave me alone.
Percy the kitten (who I am looking after for 10 days) likes to stand in
front of Old Goat and make things especially difficult.