Mortal Engines – Young Anna Fang Adventures

Philip Reeve and I have been tinkering with a graphic novel, set in his
Hungry Cities world.
Here a few pages… it remains to be seen whether the entire project will be
completed at this stage as sufficient funding would need to be secured to do
all ninety pages. I’d forgotten how time-consuming comics can be – and how satisfying.



8 Replies to “Mortal Engines – Young Anna Fang Adventures”

  1. Thanks. It’s not looking too promising at the moment; if they ever get round to making the Mortal Engines film there might be hope for it yet…

  2. Wow! I love the work you and Philip do together, your style of illustrating really fits his style of writing. I have hear of work on the Mortal Engines movie, rumor has it Peter Jackson is adapting (Ugh, that word doesn’t work well with novels) it and it will be out in 2012. If you read this, David, do you think you could talk to Philip about trying to convince the makers of the movie to stay close to the real story? By that I mean not making the environmental impact of the cities the main, recurring, theme of the movie. (And if you notice, I’ve been leaving comments like this all over the IMDb message board for the movie)Anyway, keep up the great work! My favorite duo by far is you and Philip! Keep up the amazing work. ^_^

  3. Thanks Alan.Unfortunately when an author sells the film rights to a novel, they also relinquish any influence on how the story is adapted. Philip met Peter Jackson in London about four years ago and was happy with some of the pre-vis work they had already done – I don’t know if he had a good look at the script. But I wouldn’t hold your breath for the film – now Jackson is directing the Hobbit it will be a while before he turns his attention back to Mortal engines…

  4. Well, yes, I know he holds no direct influence on the film since he sold the rights, but he still can talk with the producers, though I don’t know how much influence that really holds anymore. Glad to hear that Philip was pleased with the work they had done.And in regards to Jackson not directing Mortal Engines, I keep seeing more and more articles talking about the movie, and from IMDb it looks like it /might/ be coming out around late 2012, though I have no clue as to the validity of that. On a side-note, I wonder if you could help them with any concept art for the movie, I’d love to see some influence from you in the movie too.

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