Bleak House?

A beautiful day yesterday, so it was decided a walk onto the high moors was
in order.
Here was discovered a house with such an air of loneliness, the trees seemed
to be discreetly edging away…



Return to Oldmoor Hall

The pencils are unleashed once more.
This week I am finishing 30 drawings for the Oldmoor Orphans Book 2 (Book 1
will be out in June, I believe). Here are some examples. Illustrations with
a pinch of Steampunk, a whiff of Edward Gorey and a barrow-load of



If, like me, you get a bit grumpy about the endless Hollywood films that are
drenched in CGI and techno-gimmickry at the expense of everything else –
fear not, as Japanese Anime provides a haven for those seeking imagination
and integrity.
Tekkonkinkreet is a fine example – just recently I have also enjoyed
Millennium Actress and Afro Samurai. Then of course there are the classics –
Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro are always good to revisit if your
wonderment tank needs filling…


The Heron

Herons are common on the fringes of Dartmoor, even though they appear
unsuited to the jumbled rocky rivers. Perhaps they deliberately pose here in
order to look even more massive; rather like when I stomp around a model
village pretending to be a giant.


Repeating Oneself?

I’ve just been re-jacketing Philip Reeve’s ‘No Such Thing as Dragons’. While
I was doing the rough, I was reminded of a cover I did back in 1994 for
another Philip’s book (Philip Gross in this instance), ‘Plex’.

The old ‘slap a massive moon in the background to act as a focal point’
ploy. It occurred to me I should look through the hundreds of book covers
I’ve done to see how many other such handy tricks I’d overused through the
years, but I went and bought some biscuits instead.