Birthday Card

Howard’s birthday card coincided with a recent interest in Harp Guitars –
this one is based on a model made by this luthier:

They seem to be more common in the States, but when I looked in my local
guitar shop they did have one. Unfortunately it was previously owned by
Steve Howe from Yes and as such was nearly 8 thousand pounds…



Stepping Stones

I needed a break from ‘normal’ work, so I made another Heron sketch. He’s
carefully making his way over some stepping stones near here – I myself have
come a cropper on these treacherous rocks so I know how he feels…
The original drawing I did of the actual place (a couple of summers ago) is


A Web of Air

Philip Reeve’s follow up to Fever Crumb.
Very tricky depth of field – juggling beak to houses to horizon and making
sure it worked with the outer jacket peep-hole. Difficult perspective issues
too, what with the crater conurbation and funicular villas.

Philip has an accompanying map on his weblog which will further set the
scene for the forthcoming book…