A Web of Air

Philip Reeve’s follow up to Fever Crumb.
Very tricky depth of field – juggling beak to houses to horizon and making
sure it worked with the outer jacket peep-hole. Difficult perspective issues
too, what with the crater conurbation and funicular villas.

Philip has an accompanying map on his weblog which will further set the
scene for the forthcoming book…




3 Replies to “A Web of Air”

  1. Thanks Steve. I’ve no idea how the final cover will appear – it was originally designed in the same style as the Mortal Engines re-issues (with a double cover so initially you only see a bit of the main pic through a hole). Apparently some bookshops had issues with the slightly fragile nature of the design. The paperback is being released at the same time with a completely different look (which I did as well) but Philip and I consider this one to be superior…

  2. I do too, however I agree that the paperbacks were flimsy. I actually have a copy of Fever Crumb (hardback) without the hole in middle. Why can’t they just do that? Thanks for reply.

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