Side Projects Part 2

Mostly I have been hanging out around Dartmoor, playing music, dancing and
generally living the Life of Reilly (it’s been a very Summery Spring). I
have managed to squeeze in a bit of ‘work’ though…
One of the joys of telling stories in a comic book format is the way one can
set a scene, deliver information, and move the story along in a visually
interesting manner quite quickly. Here’s the development of a page, from
indecipherable scribble to finished piece. The line drawing is not ink (as
is traditional in this medium) but 2B pencil with the contrast turned up a
bit. It was coloured in Painter, using digital watercolour brushes.



Photography Frustrations

I bought a Nikon D90 recently, and have completely failed to take a decent
picture with it, despite endlessly hanging around lovely spots like the
river below, wrestling with shutter speeds, f-stops and depths of fields. At
a friend’s party the other night, I took this black and white picture using
my old ??50, 4 megapixel palm-size camera which was more evocative of the
moment than all the Nikon pics put together…


Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation

This painting for a book cover turned up on my doorstep. The publishers were
obviously having a clearout and discovered this ancient, pre-digital
artefact, circa 1997.
I have no recollection of doing it, but it must be mine as there is a sly
reference on the computer targeting system to screamy seventies rock classic
‘2112’, by the band Rush, a perennial favourite.


Side Projects Part1

I had an idea for a story back in March 2008.
I decided it would take too long to do in prose, so I approached it as a
graphic novel, thinking it would be a speedier way of getting the idea out
It wasn’t. So far I have 24 pages, of which these are a random selection. At
this rate I can expect to finish it by about 2017.


Ken’s 50th Birthday Card

Normally, when working in this style, I use pen and ink followed by washes
of watercolour. I took this opportunity to experiment with using pencil
instead of the black pen line – I found it produces a softer, more
spontaneous feel. This took less than a day from sketch to scanning.
One of the problems with Picture Book work is the alarming time constraints
one has to wrestle with. This is the first step in trying to conjure a style
that I’m happy with, but is quicker to produce.
More soon…