Side Projects Part 2

Mostly I have been hanging out around Dartmoor, playing music, dancing and
generally living the Life of Reilly (it’s been a very Summery Spring). I
have managed to squeeze in a bit of ‘work’ though…
One of the joys of telling stories in a comic book format is the way one can
set a scene, deliver information, and move the story along in a visually
interesting manner quite quickly. Here’s the development of a page, from
indecipherable scribble to finished piece. The line drawing is not ink (as
is traditional in this medium) but 2B pencil with the contrast turned up a
bit. It was coloured in Painter, using digital watercolour brushes.



2 Replies to “Side Projects Part 2”

  1. This is fab! I love your work so much. But is there any chance you could make your uploads just a little bit bigger? Would be nice to be able to see things in more detail…

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