Grandma Crow

Sadly edited out of ‘The Ballad of Old Goat and The Heron’, I’ve used this
character to try further experiments with watercolour and pencil. This was
painted on Gesso-primed plywood, producing a rougher, more textured feel
than smooth paper. I quite like the way the pigments break up on the lighter
washes, but the darker tones are really difficult to control.
My scanner likes adding an extra acidic quality to the greens which is
annoying – I need to work out how to take an effective photograph of
original artwork; which I would assume would be more sympathetic?



Goat Adjustment Bureau

I attacked the Goat with some coloured pencils – I feel better now.


Side Projects Part 3

One of the problems with producing picture books is the lack of time
allowed, especially if you are naturally inclined towards a less minimalist
approach to illustration.
I had 6 months to do Peter Pan in Scarlet, which sounds a lot of time, but
the pencil mock-up took 2 months, leaving 40 full colour pictures to be be
completed in the remaining time. This was a stretch, even working digitally.
Using traditional media it would have been impossible.
So I’ve been thinking of ways to use real paint in a more efficient manner,
as I’d prefer to do more picture books in the future…
Unfortunately it’s not going quite to plan – even though this took just 2
days, it’s not quite the result I was after, and watercolour is very
difficult to alter. Still, I had another idea for a different approach along
the way, so it wasn’t a total write-off.