Scrivener’s Moon

Philip Reeve’s new book.
Although this is probably the simplest Mortal Engines cover so far, it took
longer than usual. Endless tweaking with colours, relative sizes, horizon
tilt – sometimes the infinite possibility digital painting offers can be a
right pain. Originally it was going to be very, very red, but it looked too
different from the previous covers. Ideally there would have been more
Stalkers emerging from the smoke, but I abandoned them after countless



Apologetic Goat

I managed to fit in some more development time on my ‘Ballad of Old Goat and
the Heron’. For a while I have had the notion the unfolding events are
observed by these strange, apple-faced-ferret creatures, who are seen but
never mentioned in the story. This is the first time I’ve taken them from my
head and put them on paper. In my mind they had big eyes, but it made them
look like some hideous vivisection experiment where a barn owl’s face had
been spliced onto a pine marten.