Pan at Harrods

On Wednesday I will be somewhere in the depths of Harrods with Geraldine
McCaughrean signing various Peter Pan/Pan in Scarlet books. I think the
times are 12-1 and 3-4. Apparently there are all sorts of Neverland
shenanigans taking place for the young (and young at heart) throughout the




Unfortunately not a book I was involved in, but several friends were
(Douglas Carrel, Larry MacDougall, Virginia and Alan Lee) so I’m shamelessly
promoting it. Published by Templar, it’s typically packed full of excellent
illustrations and lots of ‘pully-out bits’ to rummage through.


Bad Hare Day

Phineas Stonebridge the Solitary Hare has given me all sorts of trouble. I
must have drawn him a dozen times and still wasn’t happy with his
expression. I rescued the original sketch (en route to the woodburner) and
took it back to that, which seemed the best solution to the whole sorry
affair. I’ll put him away for a bit and see how I feel about his stupid face
next week…



A while back I posted the cover to a new Role Playing book; it now has an
accompanying website:

Mike, the author, is publishing this himself. I’ve been thinking of dabbling
in self-publishing for a while, so I shall be following his
impressive-looking project with interest…