Come Buy, Come Buy…

This weekend I shall be sharing a stall with fellow illustrator Virginia Lee
at the Chagford ChrisMART (in the Jubilee Hall, Saturday and Sunday from
10pm). There we will be selling various prints, books and cards. I’ve also
been rummaging in the loft and have found a pile of original illustrations
which need re-homing, one of which is the Scorhill Faerie, captured here
below. There will be a selection of drawings and paintings of various sizes,
from ??50 to ??100…



Cover Wars

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books are running a monthly cover wars competition.
Two of the images are recent illustrations of mine in the Horror genre, but
I’m tempted to vote for Garen Ewing’s Rainbow Orchid Volume 2. We worked
together on his own independently published comic ‘Cosmorama’ many years
ago, so it’s good to see he stuck to his guns and made a sterling success of


…and Small

At the Chris Beetles gallery, John Cleese is selling his art collection off.
I have had a print of one of the pieces (by Mr. Alan Lee) for many years,
and was very happy to see the original in person. I’d always assumed it was
the same size as the print, but it was considerably smaller and jewell-like.

Round the corner at the Illustration Cupboard, Inga Moore had an exhibition
of her delicate book illustrations, equally head-scratchingly tiny. To cap
it all, there was an original Wayne Anderson; I literally have no idea how
he can use coloured pencils to get such finely rendered results.



I was surprised to discover the front of Harrods smothered in my Peter Pan
in Scarlet illustrations. This produced a strange mixture of excitement and
horror. Excitement to see the pictures massively exploded and in everyone’s
face whether they like it or not, horror that all those little mistakes and
‘things that should have been done better’ are now magnified to an alarming