At the beginning of the year I was working on some silhouettes for The
Spook’s Nightmare, while outside the landscape went black and white in
sympathy. As the year draws to a close it’s a case of history repeating
This time it’s The Spook’s Destiny, and the action has moved to County
Kerry, a place you should visit if you get the chance.




Medieval Times

For my birthday recently, I stayed at Cotehele manor. This house (belonging
to the National Trust) has long been a favourite, and I was rather excited
to discover you could rent bits of it to stay in. The whole place seems to
bathe in an air of tranquillity, although the ancient, jumbled rooms fill my
head with stories past.
The gardens tumble down steeply to the Tamar River – the frosty dovecote
here was captured a week after my visit by David Thi??rr??e, a fellow
illustrator from France.
To complete the medieval-inspired celebrations, I received this delicate
sculpture from my favourite person. I think it might be me – I do have a
lute, but my wardrobe is currently a tight-free zone. For now…


Lanval Exhibition

In Exeter at the moment is an exhibition of art based on the Arthurian
legend of Lanval. This came about as a result of the Chagford Film Making
Group’s recent collaboration with like-minded folk from Brittanny to produce
a film of the same name.
Last week in Chagford we had the pleasure of hosting a large group of French
visitors, all accomplished artists in their respective fields, all devotees
of the rich heritage of our shared mythologies. Staying with me was Broceru,
a lovely fellow with a magnificent style and a new book out called ‘A la
Recherche de la Mandragore’, which I was very jealous of…
One example is attached, but I’d recommend getting a copy of the book as
it’s very well produced and crammed with great illustrations.