At the beginning of the year I was working on some silhouettes for The
Spook’s Nightmare, while outside the landscape went black and white in
sympathy. As the year draws to a close it’s a case of history repeating
This time it’s The Spook’s Destiny, and the action has moved to County
Kerry, a place you should visit if you get the chance.




2 Replies to “Spooky”

  1. Hi, As well as being a fan of your illustrations I’m a fan of the Spooks books, they are what led me to google your name and find your website and blog.Are you allowed to say if you’ve been asked to do an original style (silhouette as opposed to fully painted) cover for the Spook’s Destiny? Since the Spook’s Sacrifice there has been a will they or won’t they publish both versions of the cover debate amongst fans, fortunately for Sacrifice and Nightmare both covers have been published. I hope this continues for the rest of the series.Do you have an input from Joseph Delaney regarding the illustrations or are you free to do your own thing?Thanks

  2. Thanks very much. At the moment, I haven’t been approached to do a paperback or ‘Special Edition’ hardback cover. It’s quite rare for interior art to be commissioned before cover art, so it doesn’t look promising… hopefully I’ll find out for definite and post the outcome here soon.

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