Training Day

I finally got round to finishing this, having originally sketched the idea
after a walk in late November. The light was particularly awesome up on the
moor, and inspired a number of potential paintings. Here we see a couple of
local characters and their flock of Greyface Dartmoors, an amusing species
of sheep often seen in these parts. The various stages of development are
here, too… from scribble to ink to watercolour and pencil finishes.



2 Replies to “Training Day”

  1. I love the fire-red light in the treetops! And the old character standing by the wall looks very like someone I used to know in Malhamdale.

  2. Thanks Katherine.These are a rather elfin pair – if there is a typical ‘look’ for Dartmoor farmers, I would say it was short, stocky and dark. With excellent bushy eyebrows (for keeping the rain off?).

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