Depressed Heron

I originally saw this spread from ‘The Ballad of Old Goat and Heron’ as
being water-soaked and misty; a bit like a traditional Chinese landscape
painting. As the rest of the illustrations in this book have been done on a
very smooth board, I thought it best to stick with the same medium, which
meant I had to get the mist effect by continually applying paint and dabbing
it off with toilet roll. The surface doesn’t absorb water much, so the
graduated blobs of colour I had in mind were impossible to achieve. Maybe
I’ll try it again on a more sensible paper…
Also included here are the various stages, from very first sketches, to
tonal and colour roughs.



2 Replies to “Depressed Heron”

  1. Wow David it looks great! I love the slightly twilightest lighting it the background just highlighting the mist over the water. Gives it a sense mystery!~ Love your concept sketches! 😉 I always find the sketches and ideas to be more interesting than the finished pieces but you work alway seems to keep a happy medium! Great work as usual! 😉 And yep this is the Mike who contacted you about his personal study of you! Thank you again for that! 🙂

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