Goat Interlude

A therapeutic break from normal work was required, so I revisited Old Goat’s
Home. I think I drew the pencil version about a year and a half ago? Yes,
about then…

Lots of nose-to-the-board pen and ink, followed by watercolour and a dash of



Notable buildings of Ankh-Morpork

Lovely Bernard at the Discworld Emporium has just sent me some stamps, based
on an image I painted many years ago. In fact, I had no recollection of
painting it all, so I rummaged in the archives to see if I was definitely
responsible for the image. Luckily, I am, and I also found the companion
piece below. I can’t take credit for the architectural design, as they were
based on Bernard’s sculptures, which you can see here:


Palace of the Damned

Here are some stages from the cover of Darren Shan’s next book, the third in
the Saga of Larten Crepsley. They are always quite demanding, because of the
limited space (2 thirds of the image will be taken up with the title, etc.)
and the need to adhere closely to the scene description. I tend to use
buckets of Artistic License for covers, and treat them more as a design
rather than an illustration, but it’s nice to do something a bit ‘old
school’ now and again.
The first image is more or less what will appear on the shelves in October,
having been ‘de-pinked’ from the previous version.