Festival of the Sea

…Or possibly Demon’s Watch. The title is undecided. Either way, this is a
good read, full of character and quirk. Conrad Mason has written it, and I
think it will be released next year by David Fickling Books.
There are some of the rough stages here, including the original design that
was sadly rejected. I have a soft spot for it, and no doubt one day it will
find a use. Discarded ideas have a habit of resurfacing somewhere down the
river; that is why you should always keep a sketchbook (I never keep a



3 Replies to “Festival of the Sea”

  1. That’s an excellent use of complimentary colors, David and you’ve done some mighty fine characterization to boot! This cover should pop off the shelves, although I can understand your affection for the rejected idea. The tentacles alone would have made it worth seeing that one through to the end.

  2. Thanks Jim. Whilst sorting some recent cover samples out for a client, I noticed a frightening reliance on blues. I did try to steer this towards the more purple end of the spectrum, but somehow those blues just crept back in…

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