This week I have been thinking about setting up a website to publish chapter 1 of my graphic novel, Sunsound. I started it in March 2008, and have completed 32 pages. Not the speediest of page rates, but there’s so much other stuff to do. Anyway, it would probably just sit in the drawer along with the other myriad projects I’d got excited about then dropped, so I’d rather 20 people saw it than none at all. If there’s the remotest interest in it I would probably carry on with chapter 2, which is written but not drawn; hopefully it would take less than three years this time…

Here are some random pages, and a rough homepage.



This week I am guest-blogging over at David Fickling Books.
When he was head of Scholastic, David and his team kicked-started my career
in children’s books. He now runs his own vibrant publishing company; have a
look through the website and check out some of the other guest articles by a
variety of excellent authors and artists.


Dragon Month

August was a month for mostly doing dragons.
The first one is Secrets of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams, followed by the
marvellous Jasper Fforde’s Last Dragonslayer. The last one is from Cauldron
Spell by C.J.Busby, the sequel to Frogspell (which is released this month).
Dragons tend to cause me problems if they are the species that have arms,
legs and wings; I can never imagine how the anatomy would function. Yes, I
know they are mythological beings, but it would make my life easier if they
were forearm-less, in the manner of a pterodactyl or fruit bat.