Covers and Kindles


Here is the cover to the Ballad of Old Goat and Heron, along with the 2 pencil drawings that preceded the final painting (which was achieved via the media of watercolour and coloured pencil).


There was a bit of a panic yesterday when it was revealed I was due to guest-blog over at David Fickling Books. Luckily, I’ve just bought a Kindle and I managed to scrape together some thoughts about that. You can read it here.


Return of the Goat


I took the opportunity this week to add a little more to The Ballad of Old Goat and Heron, which is nearly completed. The three stages of the picture, from tiny thumbnail to finished piece are right here.

Also of interest this week:Rex and Howard managed to capture Alan Lee recently (on a short break between filming Hobbits) and you can read their interview over at John Barleycorn must Die.