Vampires On Top

Recently, Palace of the Damned hit the shelves (see cover image in previous
post) and already Mr Shan has another book for me to illustrate!
This one is called Brothers to the Death, and features the continuing capers
of Larten Crepsley.

I sat in front of Peter Jackson’s King Kong with a sketchbook to get some
1930’s New York reference, helped along with some alarming photographs of
skyscraper construction workers perched on impossibly high girders. They
might have been eating sandwiches on a park bench, such was their
nonchalance of the vomit-inducing distance between them and the ground.
I drew me standing on a box for the main character, but had to make the suit
up as I don’t own anything quite so snappy.

The original version was very red, but it was decided Larten didn’t stand
out enough (along with the liberal splashes of blood) so the sky was
changed. It could be described as ‘bruised’ which is in keeping with the
visceral nature of the tale…



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