In The Word Wood

I needed to take a break from illustrating Joseph Delaney’s next book
(Spook’s Blood), so I took the opportunity to make another ‘Local
Characters’ portrait.
Like Comfort in Quilting, the subject is a real person (and a real dog)
going about their normal business; in this case a multi-award winning writer
who likes to start the day pretty much in the fashion depicted.
I conceived the idea a few months ago, but waited until now to paint it, in
order to catch the autumnal (best time of year without doubt) atmosphere.
Below are a few of the stages. Unfortunately, I made a bit of a mess of the
bottom segment and had to paint some extra leaves separately which were
stuck on in Photoshop. When I have the patience I’ll cut them out and stick
them on for real.
Now I’ve had my leafy fun, it’s back to the Boggarts and Lamias and Fiends
of the Wardstone Chronicles…


13 Replies to “In The Word Wood”

  1. Heavens! I was directed here from Terri’s blog. I an enchanted! THank you for sharing. I especially love the books strewn around, as leaves in their own way…

  2. David, that is the Terri, or at least one of the many aspects of her, that I know and love so well. It is also, aside from its subject, another simply gorgeous picture in illustrative style. Your work always encourages the eye to linger and explore. Magic. Always so happy when I come here. I must find time to do it more often.

  3. I saw this painting on Terri’s site and she gave me your blog address. This is absolutely beautiful! The fall colors and the composition are lovely. The steam from the mug drifts up like smoke. Terri is totally absorbed in her work but the dog has his head raised to sniff all the wonderful woodsy smells and watch for intruders. Terri is very lucky to have a friend who can portray her soul on canvas!

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