After the refreshingly gloomy darkness of Rook Music, it was time to go the
other way and do something exuberant. Hence the Toy Maker’s Workshop. The
little clockwork flappy-thing is from an unused idea for an album cover way
back in 2002. It took more than ten years, but I’m glad it finally made it
into a picture. Not that I’m particularly happy with how it all turned out –
I think I prefer the pencil rough…

Also this week, I have a guest blog about boats – this month’s theme over at
David Fickling Books.



2 Replies to “Recycling”

  1. I actually prefer the finished piece but i can certainly see the charms of the pencil drawing. For me, the colors really help separate the elements of the picture and define it as a whole, right down to the era it (presumably) depicts. This is one of those paintings that’s fun to just sit and explore. I’m seeing new things every time I look at it!What size is the original?

  2. Thanks for the encouraging remarks, Jim. I’ve been messing about with it in Photoshop to see if there’s something I can do – it seems some stronger shadows might help things. The lady’s face could do with a bit of filling out as well – not sure how I can do that on the original (which is about 13 x 9 inches) as it’s pen ink and watercolour.

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