Angels (over London) and Demons (with rollerskates)

A couple of recent book covers – the first one is called Ben Kingdom and is
a rip-roaring tale of skulduggery in Victorian London. The angel went
through a few manifestations before the final version, which are included
Secondly, Barry Hutchison’s follow up to The 13th Horseman, The Book of
Doom – witty and barking mad. This went through a number of variations in
terms of colour; I prefer the earlier versions, but it was felt the colour
and contrast had to ramped up. This is quite a common request now, as covers
stand out more as thumbnail-size images for the internet, etc.



4 Replies to “Angels (over London) and Demons (with rollerskates)”

  1. Sure.These two are a good example of the extremes of effort that go into covers – Ben Kingdom was complicated and took at least a week (although it’s hard to be precise as the work was spread out). There was a lot of tweaking at the rough stage, both for the Angel and the bottom segment which was different originally. I made more work for myself by suggesting there should be more characters from the book in that portion.The Book of Doom was relatively easy – the publishers suggested the image. I read the book as I was concerned it might not work and wanted to see if there were any scenes that might be usable. As it turned out, the first image was fine and apart from the colour alterations (which take no time in Photoshop) the cover was finished in less than two days, although I still have to do something for the back, which may feature another character from the book.

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