Aspiring Illustrators, Look Here Immediately.

I accidentally happened upon this Twitter conversation, wrangled by a chap called Giuseppe who is an Art Director at Penguin Books in the U.S.

Sometimes I get asked how one goes about becoming an illustrator; although I answer as helpfully as my experience allows, the truth is I have no idea, especially as things have changed a bit since I started. For example, computers were things that lived in a room at school that only hyper-intelligent beings could look at, now you are rarely a foot away from one at any given time. This is how astonishingly prehistoric I am.

Luckily, because the computers escaped from their scholastic confinement, proliferated and became all-powerful, you can now directly access the mind of a man who knows exactly how to become an illustrator. Scroll down to Feb 21st, where all is revealed…


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