Arthur and the Amphibians

Due to the post-Christmas tumble back to normality, I forgot to mention the latest in the Frogspell series was released in January. Full of Arthurian inspired shenanigans, with added frogs and rats and dragons (which are much easier to draw in cartoon form). 

Swordspell is written by CJ Busby and published by Templar Books.

Also this week, the fine people of Lines and Colors made a feature of me. It’s a great blog to visit – packed full of diverse art and very inspiring, especially if your creative juices are in need of rehydrating.







4 Replies to “Arthur and the Amphibians”

  1. David, your artwork is amazing and really inspiring. I was wondering what’s the process once the illustration is finished. I mean, for the watercolors and pen drawings. You simply scan it or take a picture of the final illo? Thanks, see ya.

    1. Thank you very much. I have an A3 scanner – it’s not bad, but I usually have to adjust things in Photoshop until I get a print that’s close to the original. Some images require more fiddling about than others; it’s always trial and error.

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