Samurai Chicken Defender


Last summer, whilst cycling about the lanes, I was set upon by a delinquent gang of Guinea Fowl. Despite their amusing appearance, they are tough birds. It turned out a friend also found them intimidating; they would often perch on a fence and mock him as he was going about his business: keeping bees and raising cabbages. Anyway, it turned out Guinea Fowl were too difficult to paint (they are far too speckily) , so I turned them into chickens for the purpose of this picture.



6 Replies to “Samurai Chicken Defender”

  1. Ha, that’s wonderful! I love the expression on our poor samurai’s face… I love your illustrative style when you do these. It’s really delicious to look at and very distinctive. 🙂

  2. I love the title as much as I love the painting! 🙂 (And I’m astonished that you’ve had 52 facebook shares! Wish I could get that many.)

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