Pictures at an Exhibition

ImageYesterday we had a rummage through the pile of ‘Local Characters’ in order to select a few for an exhibition in Summer. It will be called Widdershins, and takes place in Green Hill Arts Centre in nearby Moretonhampstead. There you will be able to view visual delights created by the impressive likes of Alan Lee, Paul Kidby, Brian and Wendy Froud, Rima Staines, Virginia Lee, Terri Windling, Hazel Brown and Neil Wilkinson-Cave.

How come I’m included in this venerable line-up of artistic excellence? It’s because we all live (with the exception of Paul) on Dartmoor and are primarily working in Mythic Arts. I imagine all the artists would admit the area has a profound impact on what they do. Even if they didn’t admit it, it’s true. Certainly for me, anyway.

In folklore, to run Widdershins around a sacred place would transport you to Elfland. This will be a slightly less energetic way of achieving the same result. And you can combine the visit with an excellent meal at The Horse nearby.

More details soon…


2 Replies to “Pictures at an Exhibition”

  1. Ah me, I really wish I was closer to that area, sounds magical – being in such esteemed company would be mad-intimidating however. Really love you work – Terri praises your art highly and I am promising myself to buy a print in the near future, fingers crossed!

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