Penning the Heron

I managed to find a bit of time to continue the renovations on ‘Old Goat and Heron’.

These three were unusual in that I was quite happy with them as they were, but they needed to be linked stylistically with the newer pics. I decided to use the existing paintings and work over them with pen. I’d painted everything on very smooth watercolour board, which means I can take the paint off reasonably easily with a little water on a brush followed by careful dabbing. That way I can fix mistakes and tighten up the picture where needed.


Summer arrived, and high above

A flying Heron came,

returning to her favourite spot.

(Every year she did the same.)


Down through the trees she swooped

to perch upon a mossy rock,

whereupon she got a shock!

The Heron exclaimed, ‘When I was little this river was deep. Now it’s a trickle!’Image

In a flap the Heron went, up the river with grim intent,

to find out why (if she could)

the water wasn’t flowing quite like it should.

For vegetable’s sake the river had been harnessed…

but Heron’s hatchling home was tarnished!

Normally I draw in pen and ink, then apply the watercolour and pencils afterwards. This opposite approach was interesting as I could work back into the watercolour and pick out some of the random textures – particularly good for mossy boulders.



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