Widdershins Exhibition


More facts have emerged about the Dartmoor Mythic Arts exhibition this summer – visit the Green Hill Arts page for further information. Various activities will be occurring around the time of the event (puppet shows, storytelling, book signing, etc.), details of which shall be revealed soonish.

At first, it wasn’t clear whether Brian’s Green Man image would be available, so RimaVirginia and I designed an alternative poster. It involved an extreme close up of one of Alan’s pictures that will feature in the exhibition: Faeries fans will recognise the detail is from one of the pieces in the classic 1977 Faeries book by Lee and Froud. Believe me, the book doesn’t do the painting justice, but you can decide for yourself as this and many other visual delights await you in Midsummer!




6 Replies to “Widdershins Exhibition”

      1. Yep, I’m definitely thinking of that, it just depends if I can get time off work. I usually have to work extra hours in the summer holidays, but fingers crossed I will make it!

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