Warlock the Hunter


This is a real Local Character: Jason of England‘s mighty hound, Warlock.

Warlock’s favourite activity is escaping in order to terrorise the local wildlife, but he can often be found in the local hardware store or just wandering about town like he owns the place.

Here’s how to make a picture of Warlock:

Step one: Have idea. Transfer idea from head to small scribble.


Step two: Remove subject to suitable environment for posing opportunities. In this case, the nearby and appropriately named Hound Tor.


Step three: Do a pencil draft, scan it in and fiddle about in Photoshop to get the layout right. On this occasion I made a colour rough – not something I usually do but I predicted I would get into a mess without some prior decision making.

Step four: Draw most of picture with pen and ink.

Step five: Apply watercolour and pencil until reasonably happy with result.

Of course, Psycho-killer Warlock has his soft side – here is photographic evidence…



No lambs were harmed during the making of this Blog entry.


9 Replies to “Warlock the Hunter”

      1. lovely picture , i got my cat albert to pose with a daisy chain on his head he was very happy to do it ,but then albert is a very strange little cat.He was born ferral but is sooo far away from being ferral now

  1. Just popped in, directed from Nomi McLeod’s blog post, and so glad I did. I love this, both the gorgeous painting, AND the gorgeous original! Warlock looks very much like what would here be called a ‘Roo Dog’, big, strong and FAST (you have to be to catch a kangaroo)!

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