A Smattering of Stuff

Due to the recent hot weather work has become a sporadic affair (like Old Goat I have vegetables to nurture) so here is an update of various projects and happenings.

Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) has a book coming out, for which I designed the cover using a typographical approach. The background will be created by the designer – I’ve just used black here so the letters stand out. I did something similar for the Black Book of Secrets several years ago; I can’t show you that as my external hard drive is down. I had a look on Amazon, but the book has already been re-covered (such is the ephemeral nature of the book cover).



It’s ten years since The Spook’s Apprentice first strode out over the Witch-infested wilds of Lancashire, and this week I have been illustrating book 13. I think it might be my favourite. Poor Tom has quite a lot on his plate (a hearty dollop of horror with a side order of heartbreak). It’s set in autumn, which provides plenty of opportunity to use falling leaves as a motif; they also help to add movement and life to silhouette images.



Last week I got to hang out with Boston-based writer and fairy-tale academic Theodora Goss. I recommend her ‘The Thorn and The Blossom’, which is a beautifully designed and written book.

Pre-production work also continues on Tales of Fayt, the graphic novel written by Conrad Mason; here are some fairy character concepts…



And while we are in fairy-land, UK residents can see our very own Brian Froud and Elizabeth Jane Baldry on BBC’s Countryfile (I think it expires in Sunday so be quick) when the program came to town to explore matters both practical and metaphysical…

And lastly, I recently posted a brief article over at David Fickling Books concerning magical portals. Because of the imminent Widdershins exhibition it seemed appropriate. Unfortunately I completely failed to mention the exhibition in the post and thus missed an excellent advertising opportunity, but I shall have more news of the event next week.


2 Replies to “A Smattering of Stuff”

  1. I’m a big fan of all your work for Spook serie. Your use of black and white for those illustrations is really admirable. The simplest ones are my favorites. This kind of work would make very good stamps. I haven’t seen everything yet, because in France we only have from number 1 to 10, at the moment. I’m glad they keep your work for the translation. Thanks again for all the joy that gives me !

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