Trolls in Tricorns, Fishmongers, Griffins, etc.

Recently I’ve been making a lot of sketches for book covers and the on-going pre-production for the Tales of Fayt project.

Here is a portrait of a family of Griffins for the German edition of a book called Menagerie. This won’t be the final design; I need to re-think everything, but I may be able to salvage some of Griffin pups for future use.



Here are some concept drawings for The Tale of the Crippled Imp, being the first episode of the comic strip I’m working on with Conrad Mason.



I’ve storyboarded the first few pages; now I need to refine things and really work out the characters so I know what they look like from various angles. To help with this endeavour I thought it might be useful to construct my own models. Unfortunately my sculpting skills are abysmal. I also forgot the troll was in the oven and he came out with toasted ears and a crispy hat, which is why I’ve had to cover up the burnt areas with paint. Never mind, the Tricorn hat will be useful as they are a nightmare to draw without reference.