180 Million Years in the Making

…Well, it seems that long. Lovely Nghiem from Templar Publishing came down at the weekend with a box of Dinosaurologies, fresh from the printers.



I did the cover way back in February 2012, and completed the 14 colour interior pictures last summer.



As usual, this ‘Ology is packed full of secret flaps, maps, things to pull out and generally rummage around in. It’s crammed full of illustrations – other artists who worked on the book are Gary Blythe, Douglas Carrel, Helen Ward and Nikki Palin.



As is traditional, there are a few things I would have preferred to have painted better, but I like the overall feel of the book. Unlike some of my previous Ology’s, I went for a more muted, watercolour look that I feel sits nicely with the ‘explorer’s journal’ atmosphere. This was achieved mostly in a program called Painter. It probably took the same amount of time to paint digitally as it would have using real paints, but there were a lot of changes made along the way (due to story developments and layout alterations) which would have been very difficult to do on traditional artwork.





Dinosaurology (being an account of Percy Fawcett’s expedition into the unknown) will be available in September.



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