The Word Witch



I started this Local Character back in Summer, but (comme d’habitude) I wasn’t happy with it and it’s been sitting patiently in my kitchen awaiting some attention. The idea of the magical throne of books had been lurking in my head for a while; I just hadn’t found the right subject to take centre stage. Luckily, Theodora Goss visited last year and, as a lecturer and writer specialising in myths and fairy tales, seemed an excellent choice to take the seat.

Anyway, having tinkered with it a little I’m now a bit happier. Here’s the little scribble from whence it sprang…



Meanwhile, half of The Tale of the Crooked Imp is drawn…



Twenty pages are coloured and finished, although I keep discovering continuity errors and things that nag at me until I give in and change them. I have found myself lying in bed at night worrying about the interior decor of a Troll’s pie shop (amongst other things), which I’m assuming is not normal or healthy. But, good news for the future, as The Phoenix (where the Crooked Imp will take it’s first steps into the world) was nominated the second best comic of last year by Time magazine.


11 Replies to “The Word Witch”

  1. That’s me! I’m a librarian with red hair and glasses! Let me know when/ if this becomes available as a print, please.

      1. Yes, thank you, I’m the same Virginia who already ordered it! I look forward to receiving it soon, and hanging it with my other prints by you.

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