The Spook Rides Again


It’s ten whole years since the Spook first made his hooded appearance. The thirteenth book, Spook’s Revenge is just out, and I’m taking a short break from The Crooked Imp to illustrate the next in the series. I’m told the film, which was due out next month, has been put back. The trailer seems to have disappeared from the internet; it didn’t look much like the book did in my head, but it had an interesting cast, including Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges, Kit ‘Jon Snow’ Harington and Julianne ‘also in The Big Lebowski’ Moore.

There’s a short interview about my involvement in all things Spooky over at Fantasy Book Review.



3 Replies to “The Spook Rides Again”

  1. My son loves these books! I didn’t realise that it was yet another example of your artwork, as I have never read any of them.

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