The Cup That Wouldn’t Grow Up


I just received this from Great Ormond Street, the hospital forever linked with Peter Pan.

Despite my brief involvement with Neverland quite a few years ago, my Pan images still crop up in unusual places.

Here he is on the side of a publisher’s offices in Spain…


And illustrations from Peter Pan in Scarlet made massive and plastered all over Harrods…


While it’s nice to have yourself plastered over Britain’s most famous shop, all I could see was the deficiencies in the work writ large. Typical.


Other business this week – Proper Job, our recycling centre, is having a fund-raising auction this weekend. As well as the awesome and abundant mythic artists in the locality (including Alan Lee and Brian Froud), work has been donated by a plethora of creative folk from various disciplines. There’s a full list of items and artists on the Proper Job page, including details of the event. Not to be missed if you are in the Dartmoor area. Here’s my two-penneth – an original illustration from The Oldmoor Orphans and the Rodents Revenge…



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