The Imp Unleashed


Today the first instalment of Tales of Fayt appeared in The Phoenix. This episode was made in the attic of a house by the Thames in Oxford last October, and I’m still working on the story (5 pages left!). If all goes to plan the collected work will be released as a graphic novel in Autumn. If you can’t wait that long, rush out and get a copy of the Phoenix, or download the app for a digital version.



As this project is nearly done, I took myself off to Cornwall for a couple of days to think about what to do next. I wrote a book a few years ago, failed to get it published and stuck it in the metaphorical drawer marked ‘things to work on later’. It occurred to me I might be able to turn it into a graphic novel, and whilst pottering about the rugged coast I did some thinking/editing.


So I came away with sore legs (so many steps!), sun-burn and a positive frame of mind that I can do something with ‘The Stone Giant’ (that’s the title of the book – here’s one of a few illustrations I did at the time of writing…)


Also in the news this week:

Last time I mentioned a charity auction. I lost a mad lady being attacked by squirrels (it’s ok – she went to a good home), but gained a squashed fairy. This painting is from Terry Jones and Brian Froud’s Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book from 1994. Terry explains all here.



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