Winter Lamentation and Summer Celebration



The last couple of weeks have been full of music, parties and general louche behaviour. Children, don’t drink absinthe, or you will end up like this:


Dressed like a lunatic on the top of a hill at an inappropriate hour, watching your common sense and dignity disappearing over the horizon.

But I have managed to catch up on a couple of local characters.

The first features Rima in A Winter Lamentation. A couple of years ago there was a funeral fire for Thomas, husband of Lunar, where Rima played the flute beautifully on a cold winter’s afternoon. This picture has been haunting me ever since, so it was good to finally get it down. I used a lot of splattery, toothbrush-applied watercolour which generated a rather pleasing texture on the original, which you can get a sense of in this extreme close up:


There was no masking involved; because I use a board with a very smooth surface I can brush water on and dab the paint off to leave an (almost) clean surface to work back into. You can catch up with Rima’s adventures and see her unique and excellent art here.

Also completed recently is the Chagford Leisure Pirates,


featuring Jason of England and family going about their business. Ruth (partner of Jason) will feature more prominently in my next painting (along with their Viking Galleon Wagon); until then here’s a birthday card…



The Pirates have a variation of the Death Hares design as their official flag; meanwhile I have received a sample tote bag from Redbubble which I am quite happy with. The T-shirt wasn’t quite so good, so I won’t be selling that until I figure out a better method of printing. I’ve also made a pattern from the design that could be used on a variety of applications. I think I might be harbouring aspirations to become a sort of Heavy Metal William Morris…



Tote bags and pillows now available from Redbubble!


18 Replies to “Winter Lamentation and Summer Celebration”

      1. Lazy, lascivious, libertine Leporidae louchely lounging, lamp lit, on lemon and lime lilos while lachrymose larks play languid lamentations on lyres longingly to lovely lavender laundered ladies lunching on lamb and limpets on lawns in Lithuania.

  1. And absolutely beautiful new painting, David, and so perfectly evocative of Rima! And yes, Howard was the worse for wear after that absinthe too…but sometimes a little bit of mad indulgence is good for the soul!

  2. Hi David, I’ve just bought a bag with the beautiful hare design from Redbubble. Does Redbubble insist on adding VAT after the item is chosen? The bag went from £14 to £20 in 1 click which was a bit of a piss off. I’m happy to pay £20, the bag is worth it, it just seems a bit naff.

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience with buying. You should have seen a breakdown of the costs in the checkout – on my computer it says 14.48 for the item, plus 3.79 postage and then 1.24 tax. If you didn’t have the option of backing out at that point, could you let Redbubble know? It could be some kind of malfunction on their site.
      On a positive note – I hope you are happy with the bag – I use mine all the time for shopping. It appears to be quite strong.

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