Ruthgar, Mother of Cakes.


A companion piece to the Chagford Leisure Pirates (which featured Jason of England and Finn), this is Mrs ‘of England’, Ruth.

Among Ruth’s special skills are expertise in deadly weapons and baking the best carrot cake in Devon. Softy the half-feral cat looks on.

So the family is (more or less) complete…



Puppeteer at the Gates of Dawn


Todd has been bringing creatures to life on stage and screen for many years.

At least that’s what he claims – really he just hangs around Pinewood studios with a felt pen. Then he wrestles any passing film star to the ground and draws dots on them, like this:


I did a little rough, then a big pencil drawing. I decided not to have the birds on wires in the end as it made it look like they were captured and not puppets; even though Todd is a serial celebrity dotter, you certainly won’t find him oppressing common warblers.


The gateway features a design for a clock I made about 20 years ago – I never got round to putting the mechanism in it, but it has made an excellent kettle rest.


Find more about Mr Todd-Jones here: