Puppeteer at the Gates of Dawn


Todd has been bringing creatures to life on stage and screen for many years.

At least that’s what he claims – really he just hangs around Pinewood studios with a felt pen. Then he wrestles any passing film star to the ground and draws dots on them, like this:


I did a little rough, then a big pencil drawing. I decided not to have the birds on wires in the end as it made it look like they were captured and not puppets; even though Todd is a serial celebrity dotter, you certainly won’t find him oppressing common warblers.


The gateway features a design for a clock I made about 20 years ago – I never got round to putting the mechanism in it, but it has made an excellent kettle rest.


Find more about Mr Todd-Jones here: http://www.toddamos.com/William_Todd-Jones/About_Todd.html


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