Balthazar and Assorted Sketches


A while back I completed a cover for a friend of mine, Stu Jenks. Stu is based in Tucson, Arizona and makes intriguing photographs (as well as playing a mean mandolin). He also writes – this is a magical Christmas story and you can find out more here.


This week I have been putting together my local character pictures with a view to releasing them as a book. I wanted to include some ‘behind the scenes’ sketches, but as I tend to burn most of them I’ve had to scribble some new ones.

It will be called The Mythic Village Yearbook, the idea being the images will unfold in the order of the seasons – when I was looking through the pictures it seemed that almost all of them could be assigned to specific times of the year.

Here’s the rather treacherous stile that leads up to the Black Prince’s path – the wooden bar and step has since been removed – the signpost is my own addition.


This is Ozwald the whippet, who features in one of the paintings:


The area around nearby Kestor Rock has an abundance of hut circles, stone rows and circles; a perfect loping ground for Warlock the Hunter:


Finally, a steampunk couple, rescued from an abandoned illustration project called Pictura – a sort of colouring-in book.



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