Pod Girl and Bind-Ups


Here’s another Local Character that’s been lurking in the sketchbook waiting to be finished. Here are the 3 stages of development, from scribble in sketchbook to pen and ink drawing. Once again, it was mostly painted with the ‘toothbrush and dab’ method and then lots of coloured pencil to make it look less of a muddy disgrace.

More about what Pod Girl gets up to here.


Layouts are very nearly complete for The Mythic Village Yearbook, I just need to print them out and check for mistakes. Here are a few pages so you get an idea of how it will look:


There are a few words on each spread to expand on the themes of the paintings, some mildly amusing, some verging on the profound (I’m not Paramahansa Yogananda so don’t expect too much) and of course a variety of sketches.

This month I will be putting together another book: Tales of Fayt – The Crippled Imp. Yesterday I was sent the previous excellent ‘Phoenix Presents’ editions, which are serving as a template.


The Crippled Imp appeared in the Phoenix Comic in episodes earlier this year, and now has to be slightly adjusted so it reads as one complete story (which means taking out title pages, ‘what happened last week’ panels, etc.). There’s also room for displaying some of the work that went into the pre-production – sketches, storyboards, models and the like. There will be a couple of bits of new artwork as well, and I need to do a cover; currently I’ve absolutely no idea what to do for that. I’m hoping someone will rescue me by suggesting something good.


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