Heros, Hedgespoken and Church

A rare book cover this week – part three of Conrad Mason’s Demon’s Watch series entitled the Hero’s Tomb. This will be released next March, along with the Tales of Fayt graphic novel (set in the same world) which I’m currently putting together.


A few weeks ago, a motley assortment of local folk descended on Rima and Tom’s field to help them film a video for their crowd-funded project, Hedgespoken. This involves turning a rather impressive 60’s Bedford truck into a home and mobile stage, like a real-life Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.


Luckily, the suspension coped admirably with us jumping up and down on it for half an hour playing Russian folk tunes, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. You can view the finished video here, find out more about the project and maybe contribute to the magic (various rewards are on offer from the talented pair).

Earlier this week I found myself exploring the Roseland Peninsular down in Cornwall.  I happened upon an interesting 13th century church, and did a sketch…


What’s particularly fascinating about this place is that it inhabits a sub-tropical microclimate; the ancient headstones are festooned in palms, making it (what I imagine) a pirate’s graveyard in the West Indies would look like…



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