Discworld Emporium


What a dog’s dinner of a post. Still, got there in the end…

EDIT- I’ve taken away some of the first images at the request of the Discworld Emporium – check back in a week or so when they will be reinstated and this post will make sense!

YET ANOTHER EDIT – the pictures have now been restored – apologies for the horrendous deviation in normal practice.

h2This is the artwork (it’s made of real paint!) for the new Hogswatch stamps about to be released by the Discworld Emporium.

It’s three scenes in one – here’s the original rough to show how the individual stamps will be perforated. It was a tricky task to wrestle all the elements into place – I haven’t seen the completed item yet so I hope the print finishing was accurate otherwise the whole thing will be a dog’s dinner (hog’s dinner).



Here’s a photograph of the work in progress to prove it really exists and no pixels were used in its construction. This is the first time in over fifteen years that I’ve done a industry commissioned illustration non-digitally so I’m all cock-of-the-walk about it.



I also did a less Christmassy version for the all new and improved Discworld Emporium website. It’s drawn as four separate elements (foreground, middle distance, slightly further away in the distance and sky) then subtly animated to give a feeling of depth. If you go to the page and scroll down you’ll see what I’m on about… it’ll save me trying to explain. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today.


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THERE COULDN’T BE ANY MORE ANNOYING EDITS – the stamps are now out. Go here to see how things turned out…


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