Disabled Rabbit Storms Book Awards

Thought I’d go for a tabloid-style heading for maximum impact, if you don’t mind.


Yes, Podkin One-Ear has won the 2017 Blue Peter Book Award. This Thursday, author Kieran Larwood will be on the programme to talk about his creation – you won’t be seeing me accompanying him as I’ve been on telly before and it’s a frightful experience that I’m not after repeating. In my absence, they were quite keen on some kind of representation of me, so I went round to Todd and Carol’s for an impromptu photoshoot – I imagine the results will scare the nippers, so our efforts will probably have been in vain. UK viewers can catch the programme on the BBC iPlayer.


Besides, I’ve been too busy reading Podkin Book 2 to be galavanting on the media circuit; making lots of (in retrospect) completely unintelligible scribbles that I assume will have some relevance at some point…


The triumphant book is out in paperback very soon here, or, one would hope, your local high street bookshop.

8 Replies to “Disabled Rabbit Storms Book Awards”

  1. Fantastic work David & great to see your working with an Isle of Wight based author, do you ever do any exhibitions, we have quite a nice Arts centre here on the island and would love to see your original artwork.

    1. Thanks Rich. The Podkin art is available should anyone wish to set up an exhibition in the IOW – it was drawn in pencil on board. Admittedly there was a lot of post-production fiddling in Photoshop (mostly improving the contrast), but the originals could be displayed with a print of the finished pictures for comparison.

      1. Hi David, that would be good, i’ll message Paul Armfield, the manager at Quay Arts to see what he thinks & then I guess either he or i will be in touch if it looks doable, they have several exhibition spaces including a small one as well as a shop for selling prints, cards & hopefully Keiran’s book, so if the Quay could earn a small commision on these it could beneficial all round.

  2. Hi David, have been in touch with Paul Armfield who is the manager at the Quay Arts centre on the Isle of Wight & he loved the idea of exhibiting your work from the Podkin One Ear Book.
    They have space available this December in the Cafe Gallery, good time of year to sell prints etc too hopefully. I think its best if you contact the Quay directly, if that’s ok, to organise things further and have have put a link to their website below or you could call them on 01983 822490 & ask to speak to Paul. All the best for now & hope it goes ok,


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