Return of the Rabbit

Next month sees the release of Podkin part two, The Gift of Dark Hollow. Here are some of the interior pictures (pencil with some Photoshop improvements). This time I had some help with drawing the main character (who proved a little tricky last time on account of his bandaged-up head) courtesy of Virginia Lee.






5 Replies to “Return of the Rabbit”

  1. Beautiful work again David. Love the pencil drawings you’ve been doing lately. Do you paint tonal washes underneath first or dive straight in with the graphite?

  2. Thanks Keith. I usually scan in the messy pencil rough and put some basic tones on in photoshop. I do that quite quickly by making a layer of mid-grey (set to multiply) that I erase into to make the lighter bits, then another layer where I paint in where it will be darker, then finally a layer with a few dabs of white for where it will be brightest. That serves as a guide for the finished pencil drawing.

  3. Amazing as ever David, so atmospheric! Was a total pleasure working with you on the first one. Hope Virginia is well, tell her I said hello.

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