Old Goat’s Home

The Gidleigh Goat, going about his business…

On Saturday 5th I will be at the Jubilee Hall, Chagford for a small Arts
Fair. Here you can see the original Gidleigh Goat artwork, amongst others.

Prints and cards and mulled wine as well…


The Wood

I like to visit Wistman’s Wood at least once a year to pay my respects.
There are lots of places like this in the area, but this really captured my
imagination when I first came to Dartmoor many years ago.

The painting is from that period – I’ve been painting moss and boulders and
gnarly trees ever since…


Pencil pleasure

This week I have mostly been illustrating in pencil. Even though I have been
professionally illustrating for several decades, I’ve never used pencils for
the finished item – an unfortunate oversight as it’s a great pleasure.
Having been digital for many a year, it’s good to create something in
physical form, but with the option of ‘undo’ in the shape of an electric



This week I have been creating a presence on Deviant Art. Here I have been
posting previously unseen sketches from Larklight and various other bits and
This Botanist is from 2005, when I was trying out some inking styles…