Old Goat & Tree

This customer has been haunting my thoughts for a while, so I’ve sketched
him out in the hope he’ll leave me alone.
Percy the kitten (who I am looking after for 10 days) likes to stand in
front of Old Goat and make things especially difficult.



Birthday Card Week

For a while now I’ve been in the habit of drawing birthday cards for
friends. This week, there were two…
Normally I don’t record them, but in case I need a faerie and one is not to
hand, I have pinned them here for future reference.


Window thoughts

Actually, I’ve always liked windows that alter the view beyond. Flat, modern
see-through panels: I say no.
2 examples from the archives – my previous house in North Devon and a home
in North Wales (the name escapes me but it’s open to the public).