Murals are difficult

Whilst renovating my fireplace, with the intention of installing a
woodburning stove, it occurred to me a mural of the Goddess Hestia might be
nice. She looks after the hearth, so hopefully there will be less chance of
setting fire to myself and other related misfortunes (of which I have had
Unfortunately, I painted her head and hands too big. I hope this won’t
affect her protective powers.


Old Goat & Tree

This customer has been haunting my thoughts for a while, so I’ve sketched
him out in the hope he’ll leave me alone.
Percy the kitten (who I am looking after for 10 days) likes to stand in
front of Old Goat and make things especially difficult.


Birthday Card Week

For a while now I’ve been in the habit of drawing birthday cards for
friends. This week, there were two…
Normally I don’t record them, but in case I need a faerie and one is not to
hand, I have pinned them here for future reference.


Window thoughts

Actually, I’ve always liked windows that alter the view beyond. Flat, modern
see-through panels: I say no.
2 examples from the archives – my previous house in North Devon and a home
in North Wales (the name escapes me but it’s open to the public).