Podkin Part Three


September sees the release of the latest instalment of Podkin’s adventures. Here are a few of the illustrations…


I have some posh new pencils to help me do the drawings…


They are called Blackwing and only come in three grades. In fact, they are so posh, they arrive unsharpened, as if the mere act of putting a point on them would render them common. They make me feel like an illustrative version of Nigel Tufnel.



Here’s the wraparound cover for the U.S. hardback edition, minus all the titles and text and everything…


The Beasts of Grimheart by Kieran Larwood is released on the 6th September in the UK.



3 Replies to “Podkin Part Three”

  1. Hi David, your artwork in the Podkin series is stunning and brings the text to life brilliantly. Are the illustrations available to purchase as prints or do the publishers own the copyright?

    1. Thanks very much.
      I can sell originals as I own the copyright to those, but I’ve found it difficult in the past to do prints from published illustrations due to the complicated nature of rights so unfortunately it’s not practical for me to get involved.

      1. Okay, thanks David. I understand entirely. Just to clarify, do you do original reproductions from this series for sale? My daughter loves these books and your illustrations and I was exploring how to get her one as a gift for her birthday later this year.

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